Release Notes

All notable changes to this project will be documented in this file. This project adheres to Semantic Versioning.

Version 1.4.0


  • [e2e] Add back test_ipv4 which passes

  • [e2e] Add support for fork repositories in github workflows

  • [helm] Add curiefense to Istio-helm charts

  • [docker] Add missing packages to curielogger (to run contrib scripts)

  • [ui] Add options to configure links to Kibana & Grafana

  • [curielogger] Add docker-compose e2e tests

  • [e2e] Add tests to last missing components, fix referral bug in url maps editor, chang coverage thresholds, remove unused code

  • [ui] Add autocomplete support to WAF Policies editor and resolve a bug in URL Maps editor

  • [ui] Add a requirement of at least one tag for Tag Rule tags list in Tag Rules json schema

  • [e2e] Add test of flow control editor in case of multiple limit option keys

  • [helm] Add v2 deployment tests

  • [e2e] Add test on fluentd

  • [helm] Add filebeat to the helm deployment

  • [curielogger] Add logrotate container

  • [e2e] Add a testcase for pairwith limits

  • [e2e] Add Rust formatting tests to Makefile

  • Add configs and templates for Elasticsearch 6.x

  • Add an nginx-ingress container

  • Add map to define request_map

  • Add knob to disable Kibana initialization (es6 init script)


  • [ui] Update dependencies with found security vulnerabilities.

  • [ui] Update version to 1.3.0 to match the achieved milestone and overall* system version

  • [docker] Update Envoy configuration version to v3

  • [e2e] Update log patterns

  • [docker] Update Istio image to use Envoy binary for 1.9.2

  • [helm] Update curiefense EnvoyFilters to v3

  • [docker] Update Envoy binary for Istio

  • [ci] Update minikube to fix CI

  • [e2e] Update Rust unit tests to include urldecode

  • [curieproxy] Update in curieproxy with new url decode function

  • Update for lua

  • Update with fixed urldecode

  • Update with new urldecode algorithm


  • [e2e] Improve general coverage of UI unit tests in DocumentEditor.vue and Publish.Vue for a total coverage of 89%+

  • [e2e] Improve general coverage of UI unit tests, add types to unit tests, fix small issues throughout the UI


  • [helm] Remove helm install

  • [e2e] Remove test for feature that does not exist anymore

  • [helm] Remove references & variables for postgres & curielogserver

  • [deploy] Remove remaining postgres configuration values

  • Remove the file in favor of

  • Remove ILM for ES 6.x as it was added in 7.x

  • Remove logstashs' from e2e-ci.yml


  • [ci] use more recent shellcheck version, fix remaining errors

  • [e2e] Fix ratelimit countby tests

  • [e2e] Fix WAF Rules tests

  • [e2e] Fix arguments passed to Fixes e2e tests.

  • [e2e] Fix elasticsearch port for tests on minikube

  • [ci] Fix deployment & tests following Istio update

  • [e2e] Fix latency tests (

  • [ci] Fix environment for rust & lua tests

  • [docker-compose] Fix curieproxy metrics scrape

  • [ui] Fix referral bug in url maps editor

  • [curielogger] Fix test_logs Elasticsearch query

  • [docker-compose] Fix CI

  • [curielogger] Fix tag rules logging

  • [curieproxy] fix geo-related ratelimit counters

  • [curieproxy] fix geo-related ratelimit scope checks

  • Fix challenge in flow control

  • Fix start_curiefense script

  • Fix flow checks tags

  • Fix default return codes

  • Fix nginx failure with unknown remote ip

  • Fix curiefense/images/uiserver/Dockerfile to reduce vulnerabilities


  • N/A