Out of the box, Curiefense stores metrics using Prometheus, and provides dashboards and alerts via Grafana.

By default, Curiefense includes several Grafana dashboards, or you can create your own. See also the Community-Supported dashboards, described in a later section below.

Accessing the Dashboards

In a standard installation, the Grafana dashboards are accessible at http://localhost:30300/. Selecting the Grafana link in the UI sidebar should send you there directly.

To login, the default username and password are admin and admin.

After logging into Grafana, you will see this:

On the Dashboards menu, select "Manage":

This will reveal the Provisioned folder:

Opening the Provisioned folder will reveal the default Curiefense dashboards:

Selecting a dashboard will open it. Then specify the date/time range to display.

Default Dashboards

Curiefense includes several default dashboards, described below. It is also recommended that you evaluate the community dashboards, described in the next section.

Curiefense Overview

This dashboard shows:

  • Total active connections

  • Total requests

  • Downstream total active connections

  • Downstream total active requests

  • Upstream network traffic

  • Downstream network traffic

  • Downstream members

Curiefense System Metrics

This dashboard currently shows a heatmap of Curielogger's SQL query duration.

Top Activities

This dashboard provides the ability to monitor the top metrics and sources of various security issues, including blocked requests, problematic traffic sources, URLs, and so on

  • Top Countries

  • Security Policies

  • URLs

  • Methods

  • Blocked Methods

  • Blocking WAF IDs

  • Blocking ACL IDs

Traffic Overview

  • HTTP Status

  • Incoming requests bandwidth

  • Outgoing requests bandwidth

  • Blocked vs Passed

  • HTTP Origin Status

Community-Supported Dashboards

The following dashboards are worth investigating, to evaluate them for your use case.

Grafana: There are a variety available at, especially

Envoy users:

NGINX users:

Prometheus users:

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