Policies & Rules

Curiefense maintains its security parameters in Documents, which contain Entries. (Read more about Curiefense's data structures.)

The Policies & Rules section is where Documents and their Entries are created, defined, and administered via the UI.

Documents and traffic flow

Curiefense processes incoming requests according to this traffic flow:

  • Each incoming request is inspected, and tags are assigned to it. For example, if the request's IP was found on the Spamhaus DROP list, it could be assigned a "spamhaus" tag. Some tags are generated automatically, while others are user-defined. (Read more about tags.)

  • Next, Rate Limits are enforced.

  • Then, Session Flow Control is enforced.

  • Next, Curiefense determines the security ruleset(s) that have been assigned to the request's target URL, and which match the tags. For example, there might be a ruleset defined for the "spamhaus" tag, or for the "devops" tag.

  • Curiefense then enforces the ruleset(s), and takes the defined Action(s). For example, "block requests from Spamhaus-listed IPs", or "bypass devops requests from further filtering."

This process is based on the Documents as follows:

Policies & Rules interface

This page is divided into three vertical sections. From top to bottom, they are:

  • Administration

  • Entry editing

  • Versioning

Each is discussed below.

After editing anything on this page, you must save your changes (with the Save button on the upper right) and then publish them.

Entry Administration

The top section contains a toolbar with input controls. On the left, there are these:

  • Configuration pulldown: Selects the branch/configuration for editing.

  • Document pulldown: Selects the Document to display for editing.

  • Download button: Downloads the currently displayed parameters.

On the right are these:

  • Entry pulldown: Selects the Entry (the ruleset) that is being displayed for editing.

  • Duplicate button: Makes a copy of the currently displayed Entry.

  • Add button: Creates a new Entry of the currently selected type.

  • Save button: Saves all changes that were made since the last Save action.

  • Delete button. Deletes the currently selected Entry.

Entry Editing

The UI in this section will vary, depending on the type of Document being edited. Each is discussed in more depth here:

At the bottom of this section, the URL of the current entry is shown in gray. It reflects the structure of the data.

For example, /conf/api/v1/configs/devops/d/urlmaps/e/__default__ shows that:

  • The current Configuration (or branch) is devops.

  • The current Document is urlmaps.

  • The current Entry is __default__.

Document Versioning

The bottom section of this page shows a history of versions for this Document.

To revert this Document to a previous version, hover the cursor over the end of its listing. As shown above, a button will appear; selecting it will restore that version.

Reversions are also available in the API and in the Publish Configuration section of the UI.

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