API Introduction

As discussed in Data Structures, Curiefense's data is stored within:

  • Configurations

  • Documents

  • Entries

  • Blobs

A Configuration is a set of Blobs and Documents. A Document is a set of Entries.

All of these data structures can be edited via API:

  • A Document is a file treated as a JSON list of entries.

  • An entry is a JSON dictionary with an id field. The id field value must be unique inside the document, and must be a valid part of an URL.

  • A Blob is a file treated as binary data.


Each time a Configuration is modified and published, a new version is created. A Configuration can be reverted back to a previous version at any time.


The following types of operations are accessed as follows.

API endpoint namespaces (more info)

  • configs (for manipulating Configurations)

  • tools (for publishing, etc.)

  • db (for accessing persistent data storage)

cURL and Curiefense CLI tool (more info)

  • blob (for manipulating blobs)

  • conf (for manipulating Configurations)

  • db (for manipulating persistent memory database)

  • doc (for manipulating Documents)

  • entry (for manipulating Entries)

  • key (for manipulating keys inside the database)

  • sync (to maintain synchronization, e.g. the configuration API server and cloud storage)